Seven Ways to Save Money on House Painting

If you are looking to save money on house painting, a budget-friendly option is to refresh your color scheme with paint compared to other decorative projects around your home.

Painting the exterior or interior of your house adds value but, based on your needs, house painting can indeed be costly. Are you upgrading the look of your home for years to come, or are you increasing aesthetic appeal to sell it? Have you recently moved into a new house, or have you been living in it for the past 10 years? Depending on the scenario, there are many ways to save.

Consider a few of our ideas before you reach for the scalpel. Painting your home doesn’t have to cost you much. Read on to know more!

If you plan on hiring a professional, get multiple estimates
Make sure you get estimates from at least three separate professional painters before hiring one. This will help you save money and get the best deal specific to your requirements. Write down exactly what you need painted so you don’t leave anything out when speaking to the different painters. It’s also important to have questions ready for the painters to make sure their quote doesn’t include unnecessary costs. To save the most money on house painting ask questions such as which products he or she will use, how many coats he or she will apply, the cost of any extra coats, what exactly is included in their painting process (and what you may want to leave out to save), etc.…

When you have all the quotes, pick the professional house painter with the best offer that aligns with your exact needs. You can find recommended painters via social media or friends. If you are still looking for an additional painting quote, try our Instant Quote tool to get a price now!

Doing one accent wall can save you a lot
When choosing what you need painted, look at the specific walls in each room. Sometimes you do not have to paint a whole room before making an appreciable difference. If the walls are still in great shape and you are okay with the color, then consider painting a single wall instead of painting the whole room. Select an eye-catching color that goes well with the rest of the room. Even if the walls are not in that great of condition, you can repaint them with the same color to save on needing an additional coat.

Doing an accent wall makes quite an impression and offers a great way to save money on painting your home. Using the right color can make your living space look spacious. At the same time, it costs much less.

Waiting too long to repaint can up the price
Do not wait for the paint to chip or flake. Repaint before noticeable signs of wear shows up (particularly exteriors). If our crew has 40+ hours of prep before we can paint, then that time will lead to additional costs. However, if we spend 10 hours or less preparing the surfaces, you will save a lot of money on house painting.

Cut down the unnecessary tasks
Before you sign the contract look through it for ways to minimize any kinds of work that you do not find important. You may overlook to repaint ceilings or interior closets, for example, to save on paint and labor.

Use one color of paint throughout your house
Using a bunch of different colors may sound like a fun idea, but because of the extra time involved with switching out colors, it can be pricey. Going with one color throughout is a great way to save you money when painting your house. You really have to think about why you are painting; if you are getting the house ready to sell this option is a no brainer, but if you are painting to freshen the place up, it might be better to use one color throughout the majority of the house and then choose a one additional color for a couple rooms. Just remember: the more colors or sheens, the higher the price.

Don’t compromise on the quality
When trying to find ways to save money on house painting, don’t go by price alone. Hiring the wrong painter or using the wrong product can be a costly mistake. Finding a painter that is willing to work with you to customize your project to be as cost effective as possible is the best way to go about it. Educate yourself on the painter’s return trip policy or additional warranties to ensure your level liability when hiring professional to paint your house.

Choose color wisely
A smart way to save money when painting your house is to use the colors that already exist, rather than changing the color scheme completely. You can get the job done with one coat instead of two, which will help save time and, therefore, money. If you are planning on painting with yellows or reds, keep in mind that these colors require multiple coats. Here are my two cents:

  • Use premium quality paints to get the job done in the minimum number of coats.
  • If painting closets, use ceiling paint in the closets to lower the cost
  • Avoid using darker colors on exteriors as they start fading sooner compared to lighter colors.

Hire Professional Painting Services – Save Money on House Painting
You’re probably wondering how engaging a professional painting service could save you some money as opposed to a DIY project. My simplest response to this question is that professionals in the field of painting have the skills, knowledge and tools to make the tedius task of painting your house quick and simple. Yes, hiring professionals may seem more expensive, but considering how hiring them can save your time and save you from the hassle, it can be a smarter choice. Moreover, the results will be better as opposed to the results from you doing it yourself.

It’s up to you to decide if hiring a professional painter is the right choice for you. Calculate your own time to see if it makes sense to take several days to finish the painting job on your own. It’s important to consider all that is involved with painting your house, from choosing colors to cleaning up, along with any additional tools you may need to purchase.

Additionally, if you need help with any step of the process give us a call, we’d love to help.

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