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EPA Lead Certified Experts In Minnesota

Calling all homeowners! Have you ever wondered if the paintwork in your home is safe? Up until the late-1960s (and as late as the 1980s), lead-rich paints were often used for doors, windows and other woodwork and metals.

For that reason, lead renovator RRP certified contractors are worth choosing for any home renovations if your property was built before 1978. When working with EPA lead certified professionals, you can rest assured that your home project will be handled in a safe and compliant manner to ensure the safety of your property and its inhabitants.

If your home is under renovation, lead paint poisoning is important to consider before having any work done. These properties have up to 30% more lead in their builds, which can cause dangerous health effects on the people inside if not managed carefully.

At BLUE Painting, our team is completely EPA lead certified, meaning we’ve taken the relevant courses and received the necessary qualifications to conduct our work safely and responsibly. We adhere to government standards from start to finish, giving you peace of mind whenever you call us in.

When we are completed we will make sure any lead-based debris is discarded of quickly, protecting you and your family from any unwanted health problems. Before making a booking with any paint company or sole contractor, remember to always ask for their EPA Lead RRP certification number.

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Our Exterior Painting Process

1.) Washing

Most exterior painting or staining projects must get thoroughly washed before they can start. If your project is in need of a washing, our wash team will show up a couple days before the job starts to pressure wash all the surfaces getting worked on. Pressure washing is important, as it helps knock away the dirt, chalk, and debris to ensure the paint has a clean surface to adhere to.
Exterior Power Wash to Clean Surface
exterior house preperation

2.) Set Up

On the day your project starts our painters will begin by removing downspouts, shutters or anything else we can from the house. When this is completed we will follow it by masking off all surfaces and items we want to protect from getting paint on.

3.) Preparation

Depending on your specific job requirements, our painters will be doing all the appropriate surface preparation. For most jobs this means scraping any flaking paint and priming all bare wood. The paint job is only as good as the surface prep and we don't take this lightly.
Exterior Scraped house before painting in minnesota
Painting Exterior Siding on home

4.) Paint

We always apply two coats of high quality paint, ensuring the appropriate dry time in between coats. For stain projects the number of coats depends on the product specifications. Our painters will either spray/back roll or brush and roll, depending on the needs of your specific job.

5.) Clean Up

Cleanliness is very important to us, which is why we are strict with our painters on picking up at the end of each day along with performing a deeper clean at the completion of the job. We want you to be comfortable in your home while the job is in progress!
Painted house AFTER we painted

Client Testimonials

Heather Johnson
Received quote for deck resurfacing and painting in Fall 2019. We held off until Spring and when we called back they were able to access our quote and information in a timely fashion and were willing to revisit the quote and reduced it some. They were always responsive and professional, came on time, and the quality of the workmanship was very good. We have already referred one family member to BLUE and would definitely recommend them to others.
Heather Johnson
Shoreview, MN
Bryan Bliss
We got multiple quotes for exterior painting and BLUE Painting was by far the most competitive. From the very beginning, I was impressed with their customer service, their communication, and ultimately with their painting ability. The house turned out perfect and made this large painting project as easy as it could possibly be. Top to bottom, a great experience and a great company.
Bryan Bliss
St Paul, MN
Nancy Pederson
Had the front exterior of the house painted. Trim and garage door also. He did an amazing job! Very professional and courteous. Got paint samples to help us decide on the correct color. He even removed some trim around the garage door so he could get the paint underneath. Our next door neighbor already has them coming to her house!
Nancy Pederson
Apple Valley, MN
Tom Cerrito
I’ve worked with BLUE over the years and I got to say it’s quite refreshing to have a painter show up when they say they will and complete the job on time Max and Tony did an awesome job as always !
Tom Cerrito
Cottage Grove, MN

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