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When it comes to aesthetics, color is essential. It can modify how we feel, set the tone for an event, and alter how we interpret our surroundings. Color has the power to transform a space, influencing how we perceive its dimensions, lighting, and atmosphere. It is also a flexible tool for highlighting a home’s greatest features while concealing its drawbacks.

When deciding on a color scheme for your home, it’s important to take into account the various rooms and the purposes that those spaces serve. Bedrooms, for instance, are typically best suited for peaceful and soothing colors, but living areas and kitchens may be more ideal for vivid and energetic hues. Simply put, experimenting with numerous shades and tints is the best way to choose the paint color scheme you prefer for your home.

However, it’s best to work with reliable and competent painting contractors to get the job done effectively for your painting project. In a nutshell, professional painters know what they’re doing when it comes to cleaning, sanding, and fixing damaged areas before painting. They will also be well-equipped in terms of tools and materials for the task at hand.

Moreover, residential painters can assure a great outcome. They will also be able to provide you with suggestions on which paint colors to use for your particular area and needs.

A local team of painters is your best choice when looking for quality results. If you choose a reputable painter in your area, they will be familiar with the typical weather and environment in your region and will help you choose paint colors accordingly. When it comes to painting the exterior of your house, they will be knowledgeable about local construction standards and regulations, which is vital.

What Our Customers Have To Say in St. Paul

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House Painting In Saint Paul, MN

Blue Painting offers high-quality house painting services in Saint Paul, MN.

Our skilled painting crew is ready to tackle the job, no matter how big or small. The quality of our paintwork is guaranteed by our use of only the finest tools and materials.

At Blue Painting, our friendly house painters take every precaution to safeguard your belongings. We also have many other color options to choose from to complement any layout, and we’re more than pleased to provide our expert guidance and support as you make these important decisions for your house.

About Blue Painting

Blue Painting is a locally-owned business conveniently situated at 1959 Shawnee Rd, Eagan, Minnesota 55122. It is the painting contractor that you can rely on for all of your residential painting needs.

Blue Painting has been servicing Saint Paul, Minnesota, region for many years. We understand that your house serves as a place of solace for you. That’s why we provide professional painting services guaranteed to make your house look and feel great.

We’ll work with you to find the perfect look for your property, whether that’s a new color for the living room or an entirely new concept for the kitchen. For residential painting needs, Blue Painting is the company you can rely on.

Simply call 612-682-1352. We would gladly answer your questions and offer you a free painting estimate.

Full-Service Painting Services Only by Expert Painters

In order to cater to your specific requirements, Blue Painting provides a variety of painting services. You can count on us for everything from color consultation to personalized coatings. Our key services include:

Interior Painting Services

Blue Painting’s interior painting services are just what you’ll need, regardless of whether you want to simply give your home a new coat of paint or make significant alterations to the color scheme.

Our professional home painting team will set to work, and they’ll spare no effort in perfecting the tiniest of details. We can transform your home in record time, whether you need them to paint the kitchen cabinets, bathroom, basement, bedroom, hallway, or any other area.

Our crew of expert painters will collaborate with you to select the perfect hues and surface treatments that will most effectively enhance the ambiance of your home’s interior design.

Since no two houses are the same, we provide a mix of painting services to meet your specific requirements and personal tastes. If you want exceptional interior painting services, then give Blue Painting a call today and get a free painting estimate.

Exterior Painting Services

Do you feel that the exterior of your house needs updating? Blue Painting’s exterior painting services will ensure that your property makes a great first impression. Not only that but your home’s aesthetic value may be greatly improved by giving it a new coat of paint.

Our friendly painters will assist you in selecting the materials and hues that will give your property a distinct identity. Then, we’ll set to work and meticulously paint every nook and cranny to perfection.

We can paint your fence, deck, or garage among many other external surfaces. To maximize productivity and quality, we’ve optimized our painting process. We’ll collaborate closely with you to ensure a quality first attempt, which will ultimately save you time, money, and stress.

Why not get in touch with Blue Painting for a free, no-risk consultation? Simply call 612-682-1352 to get started.

Here at Blue Painting, your go-to residential house painters can’t wait to make your house a home.

Why Work With a Residential Painting Contractor

A lot of individuals have the misconception that they can cut costs by painting the inside or exterior of their own houses, but the reality is that there are a lot of compelling reasons to employ a professional residential painting contractor instead. 

Working with painting contractors is beneficial for a variety of reasons, including the following:

  1. Painting is a tricky process that requires the knowledge of professional house painters. They are skilled in preparing a home for painting, selecting the ideal paint and finish, and implementing these processes skillfully. In the long term, this can be more cost-effective and convenient.
  2. Expert painters have all the tools they need to do the task fast and effectively. This includes equipment like scaffolding and ladders that most people don’t have in their homes.
  3. Paints and finishes of professional grade are usually only accessible to residential painting contractors. This ensures that your house will retain its beauty and durability for longer.
  4. Hiring a professional painter is a clear indication that you care about the look of your house. In the event you ever decide to put your house up for sale, this might be an appealing feature to prospective buyers.

If you’re thinking of having your house painted, select a professional residential painter with a solid reputation. The quality of painting services you’ll get will be well worth the investment.

Get in Touch With Blue Painting

For affordable painting solutions in Saint Paul, Minnesota, you may reach Blue Painting at 612-682-1352, or write to us at

You can also stop by our physical location at 1959 Shawnee Rd, Eagan, MN 55122. To get additional information, feel free to visit our website at

Our friendly house painters are here to assist you in making your house look better and more valuable. Get a free quotation from Blue Painting today.

Client Testimonials

Heather Johnson
Received quote for deck resurfacing and painting in Fall 2019. We held off until Spring and when we called back they were able to access our quote and information in a timely fashion and were willing to revisit the quote and reduced it some. They were always responsive and professional, came on time, and the quality of the workmanship was very good. We have already referred one family member to BLUE and would definitely recommend them to others.
Heather Johnson
Shoreview, MN
Bryan Bliss
We got multiple quotes for exterior painting and BLUE Painting was by far the most competitive. From the very beginning, I was impressed with their customer service, their communication, and ultimately with their painting ability. The house turned out perfect and made this large painting project as easy as it could possibly be. Top to bottom, a great experience and a great company.
Bryan Bliss
St Paul, MN
Nancy Pederson
Had the front exterior of the house painted. Trim and garage door also. He did an amazing job! Very professional and courteous. Got paint samples to help us decide on the correct color. He even removed some trim around the garage door so he could get the paint underneath. Our next door neighbor already has them coming to her house!
Nancy Pederson
Apple Valley, MN
Tom Cerrito
I’ve worked with BLUE over the years and I got to say it’s quite refreshing to have a painter show up when they say they will and complete the job on time Max and Tony did an awesome job as always !
Tom Cerrito
Cottage Grove, MN

Exploring Saint Paul, Minnesota

Saint Paul, the state capital of Minnesota, is perched on river cliffs above a scenic bend in the Mississippi. Together with Minneapolis, they make up the “Twin Cities.” Saint Paul also serves as the county seat of Ramsey County.

The 17 Districts of Saint Paul

  • District 1: Southeast 
  • District 2: Greater East Side
  • District 3: West Side 
  • District 4: Dayton’s Bluff 
  • District 5: Payne-Phalen 
  • District 6: North-End Neighborhood
  • District 7: Frogtown Neighborhood
  • District 8: Summit-University Planning Council
  • District 9: West Seventh Fort Road Federation
  • District 10: COMO
  • District 11: Hamline Midway Coalition
  • District 12: Saint Anthony Park 
  • District 13: Union Park District
  • District 14: Macalester-Groveland
  • District 15: Highland District
  • District 16: Summit Hill
  • District 17: Capitol River

Museums To Visit in Saint Paul

St. Paul is home to numerous excellent museums that are well worth a visit for art and history enthusiasts. Here are just a few:

  • Minnesota Museum of American Art, located at 350 Robert St N, 55101
  • Minnesota History Center, located at 345 W Kellogg Blvd, 55102
  • Hmong Cultural Center, located at 375 University Ave W #204, 55103
  • Bell Museum, located at 2088 Larpenteur Ave W, 55113
  • The North St. Paul Historical Society Museum, located at 2666 7th Ave E, North St Paul, 55109

Restaurants in the Area

  • Magnolias Restaurant, located at 1081 Payne Ave, 55130 
  • Yarusso Bros Italian Restaurant, located at 635 Payne Ave, 55130
  • Brasa Premium Rotisserie, located at 777 Grand Ave, 55105 
  • Homi Restaurant, located at 864 University Ave W, 55104 
  • Los Ocampo Restaurant and Bar, located at 1751 Suburban Ave, 55106 

Parks To Visit

  • Arlington/ Arkwright Off Leash Dog Park, located at 400 Arlington Ave. E. (at N. Arkwright St.), 55130
  • Indian Mounds Regional Park, located at 10 Mounds Blvd, 55106
  • Como Park Zoo & Conservatory, located at 1225 Estabrook Dr, 55103
  • Phalen Regional Park, located at 1600 Phalen Dr, 55106