Nine Essential Home Painting Tools For DIY

Many people paint their homes passionately, while others just do it to fulfil the necessity. Wherever you fit on that scale, if you have the right home painting tools before you start, things will go much easier. However, those who fall in the latter category can choose to go for hiring professional painters.

We have put together nine different painting tools which will have you ready to paint at any time. You do not need to have all kinds of fancy painting gadgets and accessories. Getting only the ones all pro painters use every day will have you set.

Home Painting Tools You Need For DIY Projects
Here are the tools we have shortlisted!

5-in-1 Tool
This tool is the handiest of the bunch. As the name suggests it has multiple uses: Opening/closing paint cans, scraping peeling paint, taking nails out, cleaning your roller, and a screwdriver. Having this tool always on you when painting will save you a lot of time!

Paint Roller
Paint rollers are among the most functional home painting tools. Because of how much you will be using this when painting your home, it is a good idea to spend money on a good roller rather than going for a cheap one.

Painter’s Tape
Having a sleeve of painter’s tape on hand is always a good idea. It is often thought that the blue tape is the only painter’s tape but this is untrue. Blue tape is just a branding gimick by 3M used to sell more tape. Regular masking tape at a paint store will work just fine and also will save you money. Keep in mind: different tapes have different adhesion levels so make sure to ask your local paint store clerk before you buy it, to make sure you get the correct tape.

Drop Cloths
It’s a good idea to use drop cloths when you are painting indoors. As professional painters, we recommend having four or five seperate drops in a couple different sizes to ensure you don’t have to keep moving them when you are painting.

A screwdriver is a common household tool and a great painter’s companian. When painting, there are many things you must unscrew to get the surface paint-ready. Also, if you do not have a paint can opener, you can also use a flat-head screwdriver to open paint cans in a hurry.

Five-Gallon Bucket
A five gallon bucket has multiple uses! First, it’s great for carrying and storing your tools. It can also be used to “box” the paint(boxing paint means mixing multiple cans of paint together to ensure the color is consistant). Or, if you dont have a paint tray, you can place a bucket grid in and roll paint directly out of it. Lastly, if you have fine balance, flipping it upside down and using it as a step to get a hard to reach spots works well when you don’t have a ladder handy.

Foldable Ladder
A foldable or telescopic ladder is great to have when you need to get to different hights. Being able to fold or shorten it allows for easy movement and storage.

Flat 3” Paintbrush
A flat three inch paintbrush is the goto for most professional painters. Why? Because it holds a ton of paint, allowing you to put a lot more on the wall before having to dip the brush back into the paint. The flat edge allows you to paint both forward and backwards with out turning the brush around and gives you straight clean lines. If you have smaller hands you may consider getting a two and a half inch brush instead, to avoid strain on your hand.

Handy Paint Pail
Professional painters know that time is money and, because of this, it is common for us to keep a can of paint in our hand while brushing(called a “cutting pot”). This avoids us having to bend down to dip our brush over and over again. In the past, we used old paint cans for this. But a clever person decided to come out with a pale with an ergonomical handle and the Handy Paint Pail was born. Having this in your home painting tools arsenal will not only save you time but save your body as well!

Or Hire Blue Painting
If you prefer professional painters to handle the painting job for you, contact us and let us do it for you!

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