Best Paint Colors For Kitchen Cabinets

Believe it or not, the kitchen is the most multifunctional area in your home.

A place where most people gather, have breakfast, do their homework, read and obviously…cook? Kitchens make your house a colorful place. But what happens when the kitchen itself is boring and dull? Think about upgrading your kitchen cabinets to lift up your spirit and becoming more productive.

Before you start off painting your cabinets straight away, consider calling professional painters near you who provide interior painting services because they know exactly how to paint or refinish kitchen cabinets. They can save you from many regrets; after all, you wouldn’t want to cry every time you enter your kitchen.

Now, once you’ve picked a professional painting service, let’s help you decide what color makes your kitchen paint buds go crazy.

Bright White
No matter what shape or size your kitchen is, the safest cabinet paint considerably, is white. White paint continues to be a popular choice for people because it gives a modern, classy look to an old and outdated kitchen. White cabinets can easily brighten up your kitchen and enhance the rest of the place in a nutshell. Still not sure why choose white? Well, White works with everything since it is a very flexible color; it can work with a variety of cabinet designs such as open shelving, slab door kitchen cabinets, transitional cabinets, etc.

Want to give your kitchen an extra pop? Choose metal hardware or copper faucet to create contrast, it stands out and completes the look of the kitchen as it never goes out of style.

If you feel white is too bright for your dark soul, try going gray. Now there are plenty of grays you can choose from but the most designer approved and customer experience speaks for light gray. It has proven to be a trendy one for a quite long time. You can pair the light grays with darker tone lower cabinets to give it a visually appealing look, however, going too dark can get a little messy so make sure you stay on the lighter shades of gray.

Light gray cabinets don’t exactly mean a plain lifeless gray; it can have a slight blue undertone or a soft brown color. This gives your kitchen a more cloudy and warm environment and keeps it somewhere in the middle, not too bright not too colorful, just calm, cozy and casual.

This cabinet color is for a person who likes some drama in their life, if you are that person then this color is your pick. Now I’m not saying you should go with bright blues, you will get over that in no time but go with something bearable like a light grayish-blue. Also, using light colors in contrast such as whites or cream which can give your kitchen more of a beachy vibe.

Matt Black
If you really want your kitchen to look luxurious and sexy, you have to be choosing black. There is nothing more elegant than matt black cabinets, especially when you give them a little touch of gold. Make sure to have enough lighting in the kitchen or use white marble slabs if you feel it’s getting too dark. But don’t worry too much, black always shines!

It is rare to see people dislike black and white together because it’s the perfect example of balance. That is why it seems to be gaining popularity in the kitchen too. Monochrome colors are easiest to play with because of their versatility. They can be used in multiple parts of the kitchen, from handles to open shelving OR maybe black glass cabinets for the top and glossy white cabinets for the bottom. Don’t mistake monochrome as just being black or white. It could be any color with different shades of the same color. Pistachio cabinets and darker shade of pistachio walls is a trendy example of colored mono.

Professional Painters Tip
There is no such thing as “The Best Color” because a single color would never do the job. Go monochromatic, use different shades of the same color and let those cabinets speak for themselves.

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