Best Interior Paint Colors for Low-light Rooms

Selecting the wall colors for rooms with little natural light coming in because they are windowless or have no windows is tricky.

Most people instinctively opt for the white color on all the walls. Yes, it does brighten up the place, but depending on other factors, while walls can do the exact opposite. In fact, the truth is that the best interior paint colors for poorly lit rooms should lean towards warmer colors instead of vibrant ones. As professional painters, we at Blue Painting have ample experience in color selection and we can help you to choose the right colors for the rooms.

You need to keep in mind that low natural light is susceptible to gray and shadow tones. This makes the walls draw out the cool colors and create a dark feel. If you use them in hallways or in a room facing north, it naturally makes the room appear gray, sparse, and dingy.

List of the Best Interior Paint We Recommend
We have a list of recommended colors for such rooms for you to explore.

Expressive Plum
This is the best interior paint to use if you want to have a relaxed atmosphere in your poorly lit living space. It applies snug vibes and if you mix it with some eggshell gloss, it is great for the TV lounge as well. Add some artwork made from warm metals, copper, and brass and make your living space enchanting.

Agreeable Grey
Using the agreeable grey color adds a warm undertone to your low-light room. The beige undercurrents reduce the starkness of the grey walls and make them soft. This also goes very well with bedrooms with larger space even if the natural lighting is poor. You can try the matte or satin finishing in an area with more traffic. Add some nice fabrics and vibrant accents to the area to make it feel cozy and inviting.

Wheat Penny
If you already have a cozy, spacious and you want to make it bolder and warm, then try the wheat penny paint color. Our professional painters recommend the camel tint with an eggshell finish. This creates an intimate feeling and evens out the dense colors, adding a subtle accent like white trim, light carpeting, and patterned fabrics.

Lite Lavender
Based on our experience, using the Lite Lavender color on the walls of a poorly lit room makes it feel soothing. We recommend using the medium-tone of this color to create a warm hue. To make the finishing more appealing, try using satin gloss and eggshell. This makes the color look relaxing and communal. It is perfect to use in the dining room. If you use it with some grey, purple, or bold blue colored furniture, black, and white colors, then it can create an awesome ambiance.

Golden Plumeria
This color may not be everyone’s favorite, but the pale yellow color of the Golden Plumeria wall paint makes the whole place feel like fun and cheerful. It instantly removes the dullness. If mixed with high or semi-gloss, the wall paint becomes durable to use in the kitchen. You may underestimate it, but this wall color complements woodwork and makes the place look classy and stylish.

Do you want more on the best interior paint colors? We have more ideas for you to explore so call us up today.

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