Want to change colors? Or just freshen up your space? Hire us to paint any one room in your house for only $250!*

*Covers labor for painting walls in rooms 250 sqft or less. Learn More.

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Paint One Room

In an attempt to further streamline the booking process, we’re excited to announce a new service: Paint One Room. If you have a medium or small sized room that needs painting you can now book your service online using our simple scheduling tool!


BLUE Painting was founded in 2014 with the goal of streamlining the house painting experience for homeowners.  Over the years, after completing thousands of projects, our north star has remained the same. Experience the difference a professional paint job can make, now affordable and available to everyone!


Our Commitment:

Simple Scheduling
Scheduling your project is as easy as entering the details
selecting the date
Superior Quality
We provide high quality paint work that comes with a 100%
satisfaction guarantee
Clean Work Areas
Cleanliness is a priority of ours. Our team will do a thorough
cleaning when the work is completed

What Our Customers Have To Say


Real Customers,
Real Reviews

Nick Emmons
We hired Blue Painting to paint our house this summer. The end product was very good. Vini’s crew even repaired damage to our existing tiles, areas of soft wood, and patched some difficult holes hiding next to a couple of our windows. We are very pleased with the professionalism of both the managers and the painting crew. Highly recommended!
Nick Emmons
St Paul, MN
Heather Johnson
Received quote for deck resurfacing and painting in Fall 2019. We held off until Spring and when we called back they were able to access our quote and information in a timely fashion and were willing to revisit the quote and reduced it some. They were always responsive and professional, came on time, and the quality of the workmanship was very good. We have already referred one family member to BLUE and would definitely recommend them to others.
Heather Johnson
Shoreview, MN

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    You can now hire us to paint any room 250 sqft or smaller for the base price of only $250. Includes fixing up to four small scratches, holes, or blemishes. Does not include paint. See add-on services below.

    Additional Options

    If your wall requires more than four small patches, select this option. Includes fixing up to 20 additional small scratches, holes or blemishes.

    Is your ceiling looking yellow? Select this option and our team will apply 2 coats of paint to your ceiling before we paint the walls. Doesn't include any priming or repairs.

    If your trim needs a fresh coat, select this option and we will freshen it up. Includes painting baseboard and 2 door frames. Doesn't include trim that hasn't been painted previously.

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    All you need to do is point us to the room and we will do the rest!

    Meet Our Founders

    In October of 2013, neighborhood friends Max Higgin-Houser and Tony Nordeen sat in a local coffee shop penning up a concept for a better painting company, what would later become the foundation of BLUE Painting. After 6 years working for another painting company they saw an opportunity to do things differently, to do things better.


    They started small by handing out fliers they printed at a FedEx but, because of Max’s natural ability to relate with homeowners and Tony’s stubborn commitment to providing the best customer experience possible, BLUE quickly grew in popularity. By the end of 2014 we had over 15 painters on our team and had already painted over 100 homes.


    Over the years our team has grown but our aim is still to be the best painting company in the world, to provide every single customer with the highest quality paint job and the best customer experience possible.


    We look forward to transforming your home!

    Our Service Area

    Blue Painting Minnesota


    9:00 AM – 6:00 PM, Mon- Fri

    • Stillwater
    • Coon Rapids
    • Corcoran
    • Burnsville
    • Eagan
    • Edina
    • Elko New Market
    • Eden Prairie
    • Orono
    • And Everything In Between!

    What's Included

    So, your room needs a refresh...

    wall painting minnesota
    Ceiling painting minnesota
    Ceiling painting minnesota
    Ceiling painting minnesota

    Paint Your Walls
    For a limited time, you can hire us to paint your walls in any room 250 sqft or smaller for the base price of only $250. Includes fixing up to four small scratches or holes.

    Extra Wall Repair (Add-on)
    Do your walls need a little extra TLC ? Our team is qualified to take care of this! Add any extra drywall repairs on to your wall painting service for only $100!

    Paint Your Ceiling (Add-on)
    If your ceilings are looking a bit yellow or gray it means they are ready for paint! For any room up to 250 sqft you may add this on to the wall painting service for only $175.

    Repaint Your Trim (Add-on)
    Does the trim in your home look outdated? A fresh coat to your trim can dramatically transform the look of any room. Add this on to your wall painting service for only $200!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some common questions when hiring us to paint your room.
    If you cannot find an answer our team is standing by to help!

    What does this $250 service include?

    The $250 covers painting any one room in your house that is 250 sqft or less – including patching up to four minor imperfections(no larger than the size of a quarter). To know the square footage of your room multiply the width by the length.

    What do I need to do to prepare?

    We ask that you remove everything from the walls and move all furniture away from the walls. Please give our painters 3 feet of space to access the walls.

    Can I pay when you complete the job?

    No, this is a prepaid service only. Paying us up front allows us to hard schedule it into our system and ensures we can complete on schedule.

    What if my room is larger than 250 square feet?

    This services is only available for rooms 250 square feet or smaller. If your room is larger reach out to us before purchasing and we will find a way to accommodate you!

    How do I know if my room is 250 sqft?

    Getting the square footage of your room is as easy as measuring the length and the width and then multiplying them together!

    Can you do more than just wall painting?

    Yes, we do offer various add ons to the wall painting service. These add ons will slightly increase the price. To see what you may add on go ahead and select a date and you will see your add on options. If you cannot find what you need or have any questions feel free to reach out to our office at 612-787-BLUE(2583).

    I need to cancel my job...

    You may cancel your job by calling our office. Keep in mind that if you do cancel, there is a $50 cancelation fee. If you need more time to prepare or would like to push your job back, we would prefer this to save you the $50.

    In October of 2013, neighborhood friends Max Higgin-Houser and Tony Nordeen sat in a local coffee shop penning up a concept for a better painting company, what would later become the foundation of BLUE Painting.

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