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Our founders, Max Higgin-Houser and Tony Nordeen, started BLUE Painting in October of 2013. They started small by handing out fliers they printed at a FedEx, but because of Max's natural ability to relate with homeowners and Tony's stubborn commitment to providing the best customer experience possible, we quickly grew in popularity. By the end of 2014 we had over 15 painters on our team and had already painted over 100 homes. Since then it has been our focus to provide every single customer with the highest quality paint job and the best customer experience possible. 

Why BLUE? Beleive it or not we get asked it a lot. We chose BLUE for a couple reasons; first, because the color represents trust and honesty. Secondly, because the word is simple to read and easy to remember. Lastly and most importantly, because Tony had a gut feeling that it was special and would be a perfect name for a painting company. He was right!

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Everything we do is about positivity and teamwork. We've put a ton of time into finding and developing the right Project Advisors, Project Managers, Paint Crews and Executives, all so we can enrich our customer's lives and living spaces.

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