We all love our decks.

Though, as you may've noticed, these cruel Minnesotan winters  will cause the protective layer to ware down quite quick--and when this happens your deck is at risk.  Have you noticed it beginning to show some discolored wood?  Then it's time to get to it!  


In our company we believe in honesty and transparency.  Below is the process every customer goes through when they do business with us.  

Quick rule of thumb:  in Minnesota it's a good idea to do a maintenance coat on your deck at least one time every three years. 

Quick rule of thumb: in Minnesota it's a good idea to do a maintenance coat on your deck at least one time every three years. 

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Our SimpleQuote.™️️ system is exactly what you’ve been looking for.  We deliver quick and concise painting quotes that are fully customizable, giving you the option to break it out any number of ways. This allows you to mix and match to get you the most value for your money!  Our quotes always outline the work being performed in a simple, easy to read manner so you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for.  Also, we save all of your past painting quotes to a database so we'll have the information on hand if you ever decide to do the work in the future

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Your Sales Manager will first take you through the quote to confirm you understand it in full, then work with you to pick the perfect time frame to start.  Our team is quite flexible so if you are looking for a quick turnaround time it isn't a problem.  

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Our Deck Staining Process

Deck Preparation:

  • We use a variety of high grade products and equipment to restore the natural color of the wood.  
  • We thoroughly clean your deck to ensure the deck stain will adhere properly.
  • Once your deck dries, a specialized deck staining crew will come out to finish the prep process by scraping any loose or peeling stain and sanding down the rough areas to give it a smooth finish before the application of stain.

Applying The Stain:

  • It all starts with using the right product for the job.  Does it call for oil or for waterborne?  Our staff have a few proven tests to confirm we put the correct product on.
  • Stain application can be tricky: too thin and the wood won't be sealed, too thick and the stain will dry tacky.  No worries, our crews are professionals trained to get the job done right.

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All of our employees have have been trained in the fine art of detail.  We set very high standards for our company and we teach each and every painter how to meet these standards.  Before a project is considered complete, each crew member must walk through three times in what we call the 3Check.™️️ Quality Assurance system.  Painter's are encouraged to critique each other’s work which we've found leads to a higher quality paint job!

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To show our customers how much we care, we’ve started the WeCare.™️️ Initiative. This is how we follow up after a paint job is completed.  Once your paint job has had proper time to dry, we reach out to confirm you are still satisfied with the work.  If at this point you've noticed something that was missed or not done to your satisfaction, we send our crew back to take care of it, no questions asked. 

I have a deck that I’ve been neglecting for 8 years. My friend told me about BLUE painting, so I called... I couldn’t believe how fresh they made it look!
— Janice G, Hopkins