Valentines Day In The Twin Cities

valentines day twin cities

It's that time of year again. 

The time when our grocery stores, our offices, our bakeries, our neighborhoods and everything in between, becomes a sea of pink and red.

That's right, it's almost Valentines Day. How does it always sneak up on us?

Even if February 14th is not your favorite day of the year, who can deny a heart shaped cookie with pink frosting and sprinkles? Valentines day is a well deserved treat in the dead of Winter.  

You might be spending the day with your "Honey pie sugar lump". Or maybe you use this holiday as an excuse to remind your mom that she's perfect and wonderful. (Lets face it, every day should be valentines day when it comes to moms). No matter who you decide to honor on this holiday, it's a time to gather around the people we love and shout that love - loud and proud - to the sky. So let's get celebrating! 

Here's a list of some of the Valentines Day happenings around the Twin Cities this year:

1. Fun at The Minneapolis Parks

Casablanca, the classic love story, will be playing at Loring Park this Valentines day. Join Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, and friends from all over the Twin Cities for this fun Valentines day celebration! Of course, the film's stars will only be there in spirit, but snacks will be provided. Who among us doesn't love snacks? 

Want to shake up some real life romance? Lake Hiawatha Park has just the ticket! They are hosting their annual Heartwarmer celebration, which includes: horse drawn hayrides, a bonfire, skating and music. A scene straight out of a rom-com.

2. Surround Yourself With Flowers

Vday Flowers

We all know that flowers are a popular gift on Valentines day. For a holiday that falls in mid February, flowers seem exotic and all the more beautiful this time of year. Want to surround your love with flowers without the crazy price tag? Take them to Bachmans! The whole store is filled with flowers - big and small and exotic and wild - it feels like walking through a giant, indoor meadow. Stop in for a treat at Patricks cafe to sip and nibble among the flowers.

3. Indoor picnic

Are you looking for something more intimate than a crowded restaurant this Valentines Day? Victors 1959 cafe has just the deal for you! A scrumptious dinner for Two (Dark chocolate espresso cake for desert) and it's only 45 dollars! Here's the catch: you can only get this deal for take out. On Valentines Day, maybe this is a blessing in disguise? Avoid the crowds and take this delicious dinner back home. Lay a picnic blanket on the living room floor. Open a bottle of wine - good or cheap or sparkling juice - and dig in! Good food and good company. What says, "I love you" better than eating good food together?

4. Midnight Movie  

If you've ever been to the Uptown Theatre in Minneapolis, you known that it's a special kind of adventure. A beautifully old, local movie theatre that plays movies at Midnight and serves alcohol for it's patrons who are over 21. Moulin Rouge, the tragic love story/musical, is playing on Saturday February 11th at 11:59pm. Take your sweetie and tell them that you love them even more than Christian loves Satine. (If that doesn't gain you some points I don't know what will) Just remember to bring some tissues - it's a real tear jerker. 

5. Candlelight Walks

On the romance scale, does anything quite measure up with a candlelight walk? The trails at many of the Minnesota State Parks will be lit up with Candles in honor of Valentines Day this year! Enjoy some nature with your loved ones - walking hand in hand - your faces glowing by the light of hundreds of candles. Here's a few parks that will be hosting Candlelight walks this year: 

Wild River State Park

Rice Lake State Park 

Zippel Bay State Park 

William O'Brian State Park

Lac Qui Parle State Park  

Find the park closest to you and get walking! A day pass to the parks is only 5 dollars, but a romantic walk by candle light? Priceless.

6. Get Artsy  

Throughout history art has been a way for people to express their love. Want to express your love in a more artistic way this Valentines day? Take your loved one to the Minneapolis Institute of Art. On February 14th 2017, the Institute of Art will become the Institute of Hearts!  Museum visitors will be given a paper heart valentine to place in front of their favorite piece of art. Sharing is caring, and sharing your favorite piece of art with a loved one can be a very intimate activity. Maybe try topping the day off by making some of your own art together. 

Paint them a picture 

Take silly pictures of each other

Write some poetry  

Share your artistic side and discover your partner in a new way 

Valentines day roses

You may think of it as a Hallmark holiday, but Valentines Day is a wonderful reminder for us to love each other. Let's all get busy putting more love into the world!

Happy Valentines Day.